Headshots & Portraits

Why get a professional portrait?

Today more than ever before, it's vitally important it is to have a great headshot, whether it is to project your trustworthiness and approachability  to potential clients, to ensure a consistent image of your business' team, to stand out from the pack to a future employer, or to make the best first impression on a dating app, your profile picture carries a lot of significance.

Your online presence is your personal brand, and the types of images you promote can speak quiet volumes about who you are and what you represent. Fun and vibrant, serious and focused, light and airey, trendy or classic - these adjectives stick as a first impression. Your portraiture should say something about you.

I'm here to  help.


How it works:

1. Let's schedule a session.

It couldn't be more convenient to make new  portraits: weekdays, weekends, daytime or evening, your session can be anytime that's best for your schedule.

2. Let's talk about your goals.

What is the image you're trying to portray? Does your business have a style with which you'd like to fit? How formal or creative would you like to get?
Wardrobe changes, particular locations, in-studio or environmental, I can accommodate it all and make new portraits of which you'll be mightily proud.

3. Let's relax.

I make it my mission to provide an experience that's as smooth and stress-free as possible. When you step in front of my camera, I will put you at ease with specific, detailed instructions, regular sharing of the pictures we're making so you can see how great you look, and attention to the details of your hair, clothing, and accessories, so you can focus on letting your best self shine through.

4. Let's review.

At the end of the session, we'll review the images we made together and you can narrow down which you'd like to purchase.

5. Let's settle up.

I accept eTransfer, cheque, or credit card.

6. Let's polish them up.

Your selected portraits will be colour corrected and lightly retouched, with an aim of making you look your absolute best.

7. Let's put them to use.

You choose if you just need web-ready digital files, perfect for websites and social media profiles, or  high resolution files licensed for print.

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