We'll probably talk on the phone more than once prior to our session together to set a date, time, and location. On the day of the shoot, I’ll meet you at the location we chose together.

The clothes you and your family wear should be comfortable, especially for the kids: stuffy, scratchy clothes can be a barrier to capturing their little personalities. The best look for colour photographs will be outfits that coordinate but don’t match.  Solid colours are great, and patterns can be too - it's all about personality and fun. Try to avoid logos, characters, or other branding, as they can date the image a little too precisely: Hypercolor t-shirts don't age particularly well.

For the period of time we’re working together, it’s important the kids are allowed to be themselves. This may be easier said than done in the moment, but I’m looking for genuine expression and personality, to make images that will remind you of how your kids were at this stage in their lives. That won’t be possible if they’re working hard to be on their best behaviour. Nothing your children can do will offend me, so this is the time to let them be free.

Expect that their clothes, and maybe their faces, will get dirty if we’re outside, and that’s okay. If the location allows it, a second outfit’s not a bad idea.

Within two weeks of the shoot, I'll have a gallery compiled of 25 or more post-processed images for you to enjoy: I'll send you a link and a password that you may share with whomever you like. Once you've had a chance to peruse the gallery, we'll chat again to discuss with printed products or digital files you may be interested in ordering.

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